I can't say enough good things about Judith!
She is a true professional with her work, always goes above and beyond to ensure high quality is delivered. I worked with Judith on a children's book series over the last few years and consider myself very lucky to have found such a wonderful designer and illustrator.
Thank you Judith for all your hard work!

I can highly recommend Judith as a graphic designer.
My co-author, Steve Hardiman, and I wrote a historical fiction book and had been looking for the perfect designer for a complicated storyline. We searched for quite some time, but no one's style captured what we were looking for--until we found Judith. We fell in love with her overall style and the depth she brought to every cover she had designed. When we told her our complicated storyline, she was extremely patient and worked with us until we could capture exactly what we wanted. We can't give her enough credit for all her hard work. We intend to continue working with Judith on future projects, and we have recommended her highly to all our author friends. Thank you, Judith!
I am a published author writing novels and children's books. I grew tired of searching shutter stock and other venues for my book covers which took hours of time & energy. I found Judith here on LinkedIn and felt from her reviews, I'd give her a shot. I am so glad I did. I sent Judith a pic of 'something' I had in mind with only a few words of my plot & characters. She is AMAZING! She was able to create an incredible cover that can be used as a movie poster as well. Thank you Judith. You have a new client. fred berri, author at fredberri.com
​​​​​​​Checked out Judith's website, was impressed. I needed a cover, and quick. She was not only timely and professional, I was more than impressed. I not only recommend Judith, I know I will use her services again.
Judith provided the cover, social media material, and interior images for my poetry book. What an amazing artist and person! If you want your book cover done right, she's the one to talk to. I don't want to work with anyone else on my or my clients' books!! Two thumbs up. I can't say enough good things about her and her work.
Judith did a phenomenal job!!! I'm in the process of finding a literary agent and publisher for my novel MEMORIES OF MK-ULTRA. I asked Judith to do a mockup book cover for my upcoming website. I was absolutely thrilled with the book cover Judith designed. She delivered a first-rate product in a short, time frame. I've shown the cover to a number of folks, and they were all blown away. Judith took every step to make sure I was pleased with the end result. I highly recommend Judith to anyone interested in the design work she offers!!
Very professional and efficient. A very creative book designer. Highly recommended.
​​​​​​​I, as well, discovered Judith on Linkedin. I was looking for someone to design the cover for a book I am writing. What Judith did not know was that I had also introduced myself to another Linkedin cover designer. I soon realized that Judith would be the person I would choose to work with me on this project. She replied very quickly to my introduction. Her web page was very professional and this furthered my decision to hire her. Her quick reply to my initial introduction made all the difference. I still have not heard from the other designer.

I must say that her approach with me as a client did not change. The cover to my book was completed in a week and I've received compliments from friends who are professionals in the arts. I plan on continuing to use her in the future.
​​​​​​​Judith designed a logo for me. Working with her through the project was both a very good and fun experience. In her design of my logo, she captured the feeling of exactly what I want to convey to my audience. Working with her is a true pleasure. She wasted no time beginning the project, communicated with me during all stages of the project and promptly replied to any questions I had. Judith is a very accomplished designer and I am looking forward to working with her again on future projects.
I needed a graphic artist that could recreate the image I saw in my mind’s eye into a cover for my new novel, someone who could translate my descriptions into the pictures that I imagined. Not an easy task or an inexpensive one for the most part, and if you’re a struggling writer trying to get out there, money is something you probably don’t have in abundance.

I bumped into Judith on LinkedIn and perused her website. I liked what I saw, not only her work, but her very reasonable fee structure. She answered some pointed questions and was kind enough to walk me through the process, since I had never worked with a graphic artist before. She was efficient, offered suggestions, and was happy and eager to handle the short-notice changes I requested. She was quick to respond to emails and requests as well.
If you’re working on your first cover or your tenth, you will do well to hire this talented young lady.
​​​​​​​Brilliant, creative, and personalized artistry in designing book coves that prompt an acute desire to get beyond the book's cover.
​​​​​​​Judith designed the book cover for my fifth novel and did a fabulous job. She was very easy to work with, and her rates were quite reasonable. She completed the cover in a very timely manner and provided me with the files I needed to get both my paperback and e-book completed. I highly recommend her services.
​​​​​​​Judith is an extremely talented professional graphic artist. She was chosen to do the poster for the film Divia which will be premiered in California at the Valley Eleven theatre complex in October. Judith took the many varied suggestions of our production and turned those ideas into her own movie poster creation. The resulting movie poster design's ... subject presentation, colors, texture, highlights, font, and message make for best movie poster any of our team could have imagined possible. I sincerely hope we can work together again in the future. I have posted the DIVIA poster on my Likin. page for viewing... it will require that you to hit the below "see more" icon to view.
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