A literary work is a long process of hard work, because find the fountain of inspiration is not an easy task .
Each writer has a personal and unique way to find it.
An inner exercise that slowly grows and leads the story trough an unexpected discovery.
When the author type the words “The end”, do you think that is this really the end?
The beginning and the end of a literary work is its cover.
The cover has to talk with no words, has to convince with no words, has to make feel with no words, has to be the “soul” of its writer.
A cover artist is in charge of showing in images what writer created with words.
Writer and Cover Artist are one.
It is a pity, that in some occasions, all the effort of a good writer, doesn't receive a well-deserved acknowledgement due to an inappropriate cover.
My job has been guaranteed by many clients, who have proved the high quality of JudithSDesign services.

Development and start of work.

All the information received will be treated as confidential and will not be disclosed under any circumstances.
When the information is received I’ll contact you to discuss the project, your thoughts, ideas, preferences and suggestions.
At this point I’ll send you a quotation for your approval.
A first payment of 50% will be required (securely by Paypal) to start the project.
You’ll receive the first design within one week provided the design development does not require further exploration.
I’ll work with your ideas, suggestions and comments.
Good communication is essential to achieve the best results.

Why work with JudithSDesign&Creativity?


• Exclusivity.

Writer’s work is unique, his/her cover deserves to be unique too.
I offer a unique and exclusive design that when completed will reflect the work of the author.

My work follows the same process that the writer has experienced. I dive into the story, so that the design reflects the feelings and situations that the reader can find within.

• Communication.

A perfect cover works most successfully when there is close cooperation between writer and designer, working together as a team, and keeping the client informed at all the times.

• Flexibility / Revisions

In the creative process the writer and designer share the same need to reach the highest level of perfection. This is why I offer a flexible number of revisions until I achieve total client satisfaction.

How long does it take to design a cover?
Each project has its own needs, a first draft can be sent within 3 - 4 days.
Sometimes this can vary depending upon the complexity of the design.
As noted above, good communication helps to facilitate and speed of the process.
After receiving your approval I can deliver the complete and final design within 3 days.

If I don't find any example of my literary genre, could you design the cover otherwise?
Yes I can, if you haven’t seen a cover that fits with your genre tell me and I can create it for you.
I’m a versatile designer with more than 10 years of experience. I design covers for all genres.

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